Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
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The usefulness of my vehicle is waning. It now has 2 "gears": Reverse, and second gear.
It goes in park and neutral.
I can switch it to first gear manually, and it stays in second. It doesn't down or upshift anymore.

Fluid levels are okay, and it used to be kind of jerky when it shifted.

I can now go 35. 45 if I want it to sound like I'm driving an indy car. My acceleration off the line is horrendous.

I'm seriously considering buying eric's saab. Anyone got any solutions? I can't buy a new or lightly used automobile (financing is impossible), and I can only come up with about $500, maybe, if I pull alot of strings.

This is in addition to my only having 3 brakes. I had to clamp off the hose on my drivers side rear tire with a pair of vice grips because it has a damaged brake cylender that sprays fluid everywhere.

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