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Man - today was so eerie. I work in a high rise office building. The silence was deafening.When I wasn't busy catching up on missed meetings and some other work, all you could hear was the hum of the machines. Kinda odd for a 3 person network operations center. All communications today were in e-mail - even most of the communications with my co-workers in the same room.

For a minute we all thought we heard a plane. We all jumped up and looked out the windows and then silently sat back down. "You hear a plane too?" was the only thing I remember hearing in my office today as far as social banter goes. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Midway through the day I grabbed my HAM radio off my belt and we tuned in the local TV station's audio carrier. We sat in silence listening to the FBI briefings, muttering simple things like "What do you think? Beginning or end?". Even in my meetings we started the meetings with simple comments like that.

Glad I can finally sit at home and relax and speak. What a day...