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Summary of tonight

+ did the weekly trip to the awesome mexican restaraunt with ladymace amd itszer0
+ went to B's to pick up a chair and help with his computer
+ the chair was much nicer than I thought. I now have a leather recliner in front of my computer. It's soooo pimp.
+ I got an old (but very nice) NEC 17" multisync to replace my 15" hyundai monitor. I passed that one down to ladymace, who desperately needed a new monitor. I still miss my 19" Compaq V70 that was stolen a year and a half ago.
+ me and zer0 were gonna go out and do some stuff, ended up deciding "those ricer cars are cool, let's follow them and see where they're going!"
- Half an hour later, I'm direct-connecting denisbaldwin trying to figure out where the hell "Fenton. MI" was, and how to get from there back to Waterford.
+ He ended up giving us sub-optimal directions, but we made it to a gas station using them, and found we were closer to M-59 than we thought, so we hit it up that way.
- ended up committing to reloading the OS on two laptops tonight.
+ I get paid to do it.
+ Submitted my resume to a consulting firm, my asking price was in the midle of the range of what they were offering.
+ If my VP's plan went through as well as I hoped, I might not have to worry about it.
+ I am getting a hell of a deal on thegreatdoogie's ipaq sunday, and I'm taking him up on it.
+ DSL install tomorrow between 8am and noon! w00t!

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