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wow. So I'm driving to work, minding my own business, and I get onto southbound northwestern highway from telegraph, going towards my work. I just get up to highway speed in medium traffic when all a sudden out of nowhere a bunch of white 2x4s are all over the freeway in the left and center lanes. I'm in the left lane, going "fuck, there's no way I can swerve to avoid these", so I just decided to hold the wheel straight and go for it (if I blew a tire, I wanted to be going straight, rather than careening towards traffic, or the stalled vehicle in the breakdown lane).

a bunch of noise, then shit flying everywhere behind me, and a hell of a bumpy ride.

I survived. My car is okay. I don't get it. That should have blown my tires to bits, and it would have if I didn't get the damaged ones I had been driving on for months replaced the other day. At worst, I know I snapped a few that were already damaged by the fall from whereever they came from, and they should have damaged something under the car. Everything was okay.

Anyway, I called 911 and reported all the crap all over the highway. Hopefully they can get it cleaned up before someone with bad tires hits it or something.

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