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I finally dumped the pictures for the last 2 months off my camera. The time and date stamps are messed up, and all the "p101xxx" pictures were taken in the last week or so, everything else was taken on the month and day in the file name.

Some interesting photos I have selected (executive summary of about 50 or so photographs):
This is my favorite demented cook, ladymace making cookies:
The server serving the photos right now is on the right:
Who said power and water don't mix... :
Replacing my trunk lock, hax0r style:
Now the only shiny metal still on my car - my new brakes:

Should I stay or should i go now? :
If I stay there will be trouble:
If I don't there will be double:
Just let me know, should I stay or should I go?:

A beautiful morning sky:

And in the clearing, we spotted a telco farm:
The things on the back of this truck are tires.. They really are almost as big as a passenger car:

Besides the beads, the previous residents used wires twisted together, and even scotch tape, to make the telephone connections in the apartment. This was prevalent in every jack in the apartment.:

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