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Things going good and bad:
+ got over to see zer0 for lunch, paid him part of what I owe him
+ got over to the old apartment to grab some things from the kitchen.
- God I really wish I knew someone with a pickup truck so I could get the big things out of there without paying for a uhaul.
+ I got over to autozone
+ the parts I needed (a trunk lock replacement cylender and a set of front brake pads) were half the price I though I would end up paying.
+ a new cylender is only about $10. w00t!
- I can't get into my trunk by removing the backseat. The diagrams didn't show a big ass metal divider bar going down the center of the trunk hole. I don't know anyone who could fit through that.
- I need to remove my lock with either a punch awl and hammer, or a drill. If I find my drill, this may become a plus.
- I still need to replace my brake pads yet today, but this might not be so bad, considering I've done this like 3-4 times now already.
- I cut my knuckle ripping my back seat out because I couldn't find my ratchet set
- my backseat looks funny now.
+ I'm going to finally be able to open my trunk for the first time in almost a month since I lost the only key. (the plastic head of the key cracked because the plastic got brittle, and it wouldn't stay on a keyring anymore. the new lockset has metal keys)
+ i drove my car to the store and came back alive.
- I don't think all my cylenders are firing. I need a tuneup.
+ god system of a down is way cool. I got more of their music and I love it.

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