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Friggin LJ app crashed as it was posting to the servers. Arrrrghhh!

Anyways, as I was saying...
ladymace isn't feeling well right now - she's down napping right now
I just finished adding CD player support to my carmp3 player I designed. Uses the same command keys to play CDs as it does mp3s. Still uses a Mini-Numeric keypad keyboard to control the whole show (don't you love sites where you can make them say any title you want? ;-) ) Hopefully I can release my software tonight..
Anyway I gotta seriously clean out my car. There's over 1/2 a ton of shit in the backseat and trunk. Never underestimate what you can fit in a Ford Taurus if you put your mind to it... :-) I had a neat list of shit in the car that is just odd or bizarre, but let's just say that 1/2 ton is no exaggeration. My car looks like it's jacked up in the front there's so much weight in the back...

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