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heh, tried that "lifetest quiz" that denisbaldwin posted a url to. It's funny.
1. Becky is the one that you love (obviously, since I entered that female's name first)
2. Darcie is the one you like but won't work out (it's my friggin stepmom. eeeew.)
3. Josh you care most about (I care a whole hell of alot, but equally with all my other friends)
4. zer0 is the one who knows you really well (actually, I'd say it was a tie with Josh)
5. pikachu is my lucky star (whatever that means)
6. The song november rain matches with becky (again, because I mentioned it first, and was preconditioned by a question prior asking about the opposite sex)
7. The song "let the bodies hit the floor" matches with Darcie (hmm, I doubt that.)
8. The song "dayton bia busta mafia" tells you most about your mind
9. The song "Pikachu Song" tells your most about your life

Finally I remembered to cancel my old pager service. No more paying for a pager I haven't used in a year. :-> YAY!

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