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One more item of political statements for the day:
Texas Republicans argued over whether their state convention was mainstream or filled with "religious zealots" Saturday as delegates approved a party platform that called for the repeal of the state lottery, declared the United States a Christian nation and favored posting the Ten Commandments on public property.

The Republican platform also reaffirmed the state party's belief that the nation needs to "dispel the myth of the separation of church and state."

The party also added a new emphasis on fighting terrorism. The planks included a call to use "terrorist profiling" to determine who could be searched at airports; the revoking of student visas and deportation of persons from countries that have not declared themselves as allies in the war on terrorism; and the arming of airplane pilots.

How outrageous is that? If anyone I know elects someone because of their belief of any of the above crap, I'm not sure I would consider them sane. Go move to a facist nation if you want it that way. :-/ (I do support arming pilots, but beyond that, it's all crap)

Link is here:
In case you think that church and state should not be seperate, let me remind you about the free exercise clause of the first amendment. 8->

Anyway, friends don't let friends vote republican.

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