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Sep. 11th, 2001

Man, last time I went to sleep, the world trade center was blown up. I think I'll stop going to sleep to see if that helps the situation any. :-(

At any rate it's probably going to be pretty difficult to sleep tonight. Hopefully I'll awaken to just another day - who knows for sure...

Anyway - whatever country did this is in for it now. They can't have any allies after doing something this horrific. Not to mention I will have fun doing creative things to computers in the target country knowing the US government would not allow my extradition should the foreign country attempt to arrest me. :-) Usually I wouldn't - but I like to do my part to weaken nations that commit heartless acts of terrorism. There will be no hiding from this one - if they are Internet connected I am very sure the US government will have no problems with all of us computer savvy in the US having a little fun with the hostile countries' websites, etc. I'm not in it for the fun or the challenge like I usually am when my friends and I hack each other when we are bored, but this time I am doing it because I'm pissed.

Oh well. Maybe I'll feel a little bit more mentally stable in the morning.