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My week in recap

* Got 1 week to file my 2000 tax return, and am waiting on an IRS-1099 form to do so.
* been woken up in the middle of the night in my underwear by friends screwing around
* been driving a car that is getting scarier and scarier. I really need those new bearings.
* been asked by my work to surrender $1500 in pay because of a mistake THEY made.
* been dealing with a fraudster on eBay
* dealt with a T1 cross connect screwup that was Level(3)'s fault
* dealt with an Oracle database cluster failing in strange and new ways
* learned how to make really annoying flash animations
* started signing CC reciepts in bizarre ways
* mailbombed a friend of mine via livejournal
* passed out because I ate too much rice
* lusted after caffinated soap
* preordered the eminem CD
* watched a bunny get gibbed by a friend of mine's car in the car ahead of me :-(
* helped work on a friend's deathtrap^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H house.
* tagged said house
* did things I would rather not mention. Not bad morally or ethically, but just not stuff I'm going to admit in a public forum. beefcarver, itszer0 and ladymace know what I'm talking about here.
* assisted beefcarver in prank calling my girlfriend
* been on the other end of a similar prank involving beefcarver
* renewed my lease at my cheap ass apartment complex

God, what a crazy 7 days it's been. I can only wonder what the next 7 will bring.

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