Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Jesus christ...

That major configuration change that was dropped in my lap became a full on site outage during the peak period of the day. I knew I had a good reason to bitch when they did this with apparently no planning. There goes our SLA... Looks like some of our customers don't have to pay for this month, IIRC . Ugh. Well, after some of the most hellacious moments of my career I was able to leave for the day. Then I noticed my tire was flat again, so I spent an hour at Belle Tire getting it repaired. It's going on hour 39 since I have slept last, and I still have more stuff to do. Ugh I swear I came --> <-- this close to totally going fucking nuts today. Oh well tomorrow will hopefully be better - and we'll adopt more conservative release processes - once bitten twice shy, I hope...

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