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More eBay drama

05/25/2002 01:12 PM - FROM: bargainland-liquidation
It was sold as is thats it. thanks Jeffrey L.

05/25/2002 08:42 PM - FROM:
No, it's most certainly *NOT* it. This is not a case of buyers remorse, it's like selling an antique vase on eBay "as is", and then sending them a new one, smashed, with a sheet indicating you knew it was new and smashed to begin with. It's fraud. AS IS means there is no warranty against damage you didn't know about, and you not only knew about it, you lied about the status of it. There's a difference between omitting data, and making a complete misrepresentation. When you knowingly lie in a business dealing, that is fraud. It's not just "oops, I forgot to mention it's scratched", it's "oops, it's not a blue car, it's a box of fire ants." You give eBay a bad name.
Tags: hate, law

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