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Poking around on the state of michigan website...,1607,7-127-1638_8731-21039--,00.html
Reading the description, do you visualize "the Great Seal" as this gigantic embosser, like maybe a few feet wide, with a giant handle?
I don't know why this sounds so comical to me this morning, but it does. w00t!
I want to be "Keeper of the Great Seal". That sounds so infinitely cool.

Also I found this "Points placed on your driver record remain there for two years from the date of conviction"
w00t! This means some of the points on my license will be going away soon!,1607,7-127-1627_9068-22914--,00.html
This is awesome. Imagine the possibilities of doing this to someone who is unaware of what's going on. Of course, I'm not condoning doing that, but it would make for a funny situation for onlookers.
This is cool. Plug your drivers license number in here for the hell of it to see if you're eligible to register a vehicle in the state of michigan..
The cool part is it can be used to verify that a given drivers license number is infact valid. Might come in handy for some reason someday..
"You entered DLN: R111111111111
Resubmit entry:
Department of State has no record of this driver license number"

For those 31337 Hax0rs who like to screw with people, they offer this:,1607,7-127-1631_8854-27419--,00.html
Granted, you have to have a "Information Purchaser" surety bond to get access, along with a damn good reason, but note that they mention it's available over the internet with telnet access. Why that information is interesting will be left to the reader.

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