Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Blah, pretty interesting evening. Not too bad, not to exciting. Radio shack phone people are idiots. So is verizon. Their own CSRs didn't know about a service they supposedly offer according to their website.
Oh well. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Anyway, today we had excellent propogation of 802.11b waves today. Picked up APs I've never seen before, quite well even. That reminds me I've gotta upgrade the firmware on B's card next time I'm there. I think it improves range slightly.

Apologies to ladymace and shannonpagels for waking them up. People asleep at 3:30am? Who would have thought?! ;-) My bad. :-(

Anyway, I'm exhausted, and I can't find my fuzzy again. I need to get that thing surgically attached to me or something. :-(

update: I found my fuzzy. w00t!
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