Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Got pulled over again today. Another waivable headlight ticket.
I tried turning on my interior light in addition to the way I usually make my hands visible. The cop seemed taken aback, and quite at ease. He even forgot to ask me for my proof of insurance. It was funny.
I was pulled over because my brake light had part of it that was "visibly white" (it's a tiny bit cracked, I'm going to put some red tape on it today I think so I don't get pulled over for that again anymore.. That and he didn't notice the turn signal on that side was burned out. woot.)
Anyway, I got a headlight ticket, as usual. Now I just gotta toss a few bucks at a bulb. I think I'll wrap my headlight in packing tape to see if it will keep the bulb dry so it doesn't explode again. One of these days I gotta get myself a recently new used car that doesn't look so suspicious. :->

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